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Natural Health: Gentle Solutions to Improve Your Vision

The Boel Method: Acupuncture for Vision 
Developed by a Danish acupuncturist, this practice consists of targeting "points" of traditional Chinese medicine, located on the hands, feet and forehead, to stimulate the visual centers of the brain.

What Indications?
The Boel Method aims to improve the vision of people with eye diseases and impaired vision, as a complement to allopathic treatments.  It is therefore recommended for dry eye, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration.

In practice
The treatment takes place in two stages: the "intensive" period lasts 2 weeks, at the rate of one acupuncture session per day (30 to 45 minutes), plus the "maintenance" period takes place during 4 weeks, with  1 session per week.  Not reimbursed, these sessions - which cost about 60 euros - can be supported by some private health insurance plans.

What results?
At the end of 2 months, the vision seems sharper and more luminous: one can gain several points of visual acuity!

Thanks to Aimée Centivany, acupuncturist and specialist of the Boel method







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