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Enhancing Vision

Acute or progressive vision loss has an enormous impact on the quality of a person’s life – from limited independence and isolation to financial uncertainty and strained personal relationships.

Given the enormous impact that vision loss has on a person’s quality of life, I am currently specializing in eye care. My goal is to improve the vision of people with known eye diseases and sight disorders, which can range from conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, stroke, eye thrombosis, optic nerve syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, and vision problems due to brain damage from trauma, such as motor vehicle accidents.

I follow a well-established and intensive protocol of acupuncture treatments that have been proven to stimulate the brain’s visual centers and effectively « wake up » the body’s own healing response within the eye to dramatically improve vision. This protocol has been developed and clinically researched over the last 15 years at the Boel Akupunktur Clinic in Denmark and consists of points located on the hands, feet and forehead. I completed my professional training in this technique in Copenhagen in January 2018.


The Acupuncture Eye Care protocol takes place over a 6 week period and consists of two phases of treatment – a 2 week period of intensive treatment followed by a 4 week period of maintenance treatments.

The Acupuncture Eye Care protocol does not interfere with existing medical treatments and serves to safely complement – not replace – current standards of medical practice.

Patient Requirements

I am currently seeking patients who can commit to attending all scheduled sessions and participate in a simple visual assessment before, during and after the eye care protocol to evaluate the visual improvements gained by each patient. Additional requirements for patients seeking eye care include a willingness to tolerate stimulating acupuncture treatment and to provide on-going feedback during the initial 2-weeks of intensive acupuncture care.