Restoring Health & Maintaining Wellness

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I consider myself a catalyst – my goal is to activate the body’s innate ability to heal. I offer acupuncture services that restore balance, promote well-being and enhance personal awareness. When I work with each individual patient, I take the whole person into account. I begin with a comprehensive approach – a systemic balancing following the principles of Chinese Medicine and then focus on the reasons they are seeking care – their complaints of stress, fatigue, pain and dysfunction.

At times we face demands that are challenging to us, throwing us off balance and affecting our health and well-being. Acupuncture can play an important role in regular self-care, helping to relieve the stress, pain and fatigue that accumulates when we are stretched beyond our limits.

Given the enormous impact that vision loss has on a person’s quality of life, I am currently specializing in eye care. My goal is to improve the vision of people with known eye diseases and sight disorders using clinically tested acupuncture protocols.

As a former midwife, I draw upon my knowledge and experience to help women throughout all stages of their pregnancy. From easing first trimester nausea and fatigue to helping start labor in a natural way, I can effectively address the health and wellness needs of pregnant women to complement current standards of medical practice.