My seminars

Come join a conversation that’s been going on for over 2000 years!

Learn more about the art and science of practicing Chinese Medicine and being a healing presence in people’s lives

As an experienced practitioner and teacher, my goal is to create opportunities for experiential learning.

Come learn how to sharpen your senses and become careful and curious observers. Come to practice pulse taking. Come to deepen your listening.

Learn how to engage the living dimension of this medicine and better observe the subtle movements of qi within yourself, within your patients and everywhere in the natural world around you..

Come with your questions!

Chinese Medicine is truly a Living Medicine

My seminars make it come alive for beginning students as well as experienced practitioners!

Accompanying Pregnancy and Childbirth with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Week-end du 11 et 12 mai 2024 Novotel Montpellier Avec plus de 15 ans d’expérience au tant que...


According to the principles of Dr. TAN Week-end du 20 et 21 avril 2024 à Novotel Montpellier Avec...