Treatment of persistent glaucoma: a successful combination of conventional care and the Boel method

Mr. R is a young, sporty retiree who regularly cycles, walks and runs. At 62, he is still very active, but has been suffering from persistent glaucoma in his left eye for ten years. His discomfort increased when his right eye was also affected. After undergoing laser treatment to reduce his eye pressure, Mr R decided to try acupuncture to relieve his pain and improve his vision. When he began his treatment, he was also suffering from kidney stones, which had been causing him painful attacks. The Boel method seemed best suited to soothe Mr. R.

After a week, Mr. R. noticed that the veil over his eye had lifted. As soon as the intensive care was over, he felt a clear improvement in his visual acuity, confirmed by his orthoptist’s assessment: a gain of +6/10 in his left eye. What’s more, his glaucoma has stabilized!

As part of the Boel maintenance protocol, he undergoes a laser session on his right eye. Thanks to the combination of these two treatments, his doctor notes a significant reduction in his Intra Ocular Pressure (I.O.P.). These encouraging results were confirmed in subsequent sessions. At the end of the maintenance treatments, the improvements in his vision were spectacular: the acuity in his left eye went from 4 to 10/10, and his glaucoma had stabilized in both eyes.

Delighted to see such convincing results and an overall sense of well-being in such a short space of time, Mr. R. can now continue his sporting activities with a clear conscience.