Early AML treatment, a successful example of adapting acupuncture methods

Mrs S, aged 45, is an accountant in a family business. She spends long hours concentrating on her computer screen. Unfortunately, Madame S. has been suffering from premature wet AMD since the age of 35.

This macular degeneration results in a spot on her left eye in the center of her visual field. This loss of acuity, which she has to compensate for with her right eye, causes her frequent headaches, forcing her to take daily naps to rest her eyes between work sessions.

Before starting the Boel protocol, a tired Madame S. complained of being almost blind in her left eye. After a week of treatment, she noticed no significant changes. To remedy this lack of results, the MA 48 method was adopted. This proved to be a wise choice, as by the second day of treatment, Mrs S. felt that the stain on her left eye had diminished.

After the intensive care period, the orthoptist noted that Mrs S’s vision had improved from 4/10 to 7/10 in her left eye, and from 4/10 to 6/10 in her right eye.

As she was responding well to the MA 48 protocol, it was decided to continue it during the maintenance period. After 5 weeks of treatment, she reports that the stain on her eye has completely disappeared. A pleasant surprise confirmed by her appointment with the orthoptist, where her results were excellent: 7/10 for the left eye and 10/10 for the right.

With her corrections, Mrs S now has 10/10 vision on both sides! She can now work comfortably and enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life.