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Press and articles: eye acupuncture

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Acclaim: eye acupuncture

Since the beginning of 2018, eye patients have had the opportunity to undergo a rather revolutionary acupuncture treatment reported from the Boel Akupunktur Clinic in Denmark. The protocol takes place at Aimée Centivany’s practice in Montpellier. Four patients testify to the benefits of this astonishing technique.

Bye bye, ophthalmic migraines…

For the past year, Christine had been suffering from sinus and dental problems that were affecting her vision, causing ophthalmic migraines and burning sensations. Unsure of where to turn, she decided to become, in her own words, Aimée’s “first guinea pig”. “The treatment takes place over a 6-week period, and comprises two phases: 2 weeks of intensive treatment, during which you receive 2 treatments a day, followed by a maintenance period during which you receive two treatments a day over 8 days spread over 4 weeks”. A rather time-consuming treatment therefore, consisting of 36 sessions in all, but one about which Christine has nothing but praise. “In the very first week, after 2 or 3 days of sessions, my migraines had disappeared! ditto for those unbearable burns that made me scratch my eyes incessantly: no more! And beyond the health of my eyes, I have the impression that the treatment has rebalanced the whole energy pattern of my body. I’ve got more pep, and my ankle, back and sinus problems have settled down.”

Improving vision

As for Chantal, following a series of family problems, she had suffered from macular retinopathy which eventually passed, but had the beginnings of cataracts. “The results of the treatment blew me away. During the 3 orthoptic check-ups that took place during the treatment, I noticed that I had gained 3 tenths in one eye and 4 in the other in distance vision! I also had the beginnings of astigmatism, which has diminished. All in all, I can see better, and the pain I used to feel has diminished.”

Alternative medicine to treat vision problems… and others!

For her part, Sandrine, suffering from an autoimmune disease, could not receive any heavy treatment to relieve her optic nerve problems and vision disorders. Acupuncture therefore seemed an interesting way of gaining comfort. “I must admit that the first session was very painful, even though I’m not a pain sufferer. Aimée pricked my fingertips, toes, soles, palms and eyebrows. When I left her office, I was quite negative, and above all terribly tired for the first few days. But I stuck with it. I did the intensive part of the treatment during the vacations, instead of going on a trip. I took time for myself, and had coffees in the sun between the 2 daily sessions. In the end, the orthoptist confirmed that my distance vision had greatly improved. At the same time, the chronic problems I had with my Achilles tendon had disappeared! This shows that everything is linked…”.

Improving comfort for patients suffering from degenerative diseases

François, 46, suffers from Usher syndrome, a degenerative disease affecting his vision and ears. His field of vision is reduced to 30 degrees, compared with 180 degrees under normal circumstances. What’s more, his night vision is virtually non-existent. “I started treatment 8 days ago, and I felt very tired at first, a bit like when you start sport…. So I alternate treatments with naps! But already, my body has adapted. My fatigue has diminished and I have the impression that I can see light and colors better”. Such an illness requires time for the brain to react to the treatment. “The aim of these treatments is to revitalize certain dormant functions, in order to compensate for the current deficiency. So, of course, there’s a lot of fidgeting, tingling eyes and so on. In just eight days, I’m already feeling better: I’m very relaxed and in great shape”.

Case studies: eye acupuncture

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Acclaim: acupuncture supporting pregnancy

Keeping nausea under control

“I had a lot of nausea without vomiting, and not just in the first trimester… It lasted throughout my pregnancy,” Camille recalls.
So she went to Aimée’s acupuncture practice once a fortnight for the first 3 months.
“The nausea didn’t go away, but I felt a marked improvement each time. On a point under the wrist, Aimée would place a tiny needle covered with a metal coin, which I kept even outside our sessions. This way, I could press on the coin to relieve myself when it didn’t feel right, without going back to see her every 3 days. I remember spending some incredibly peaceful weekends thanks to this almost miraculous system!”

Boosting the chances of IVF success

Isabelle is now the proud mother of 11-month-old Eva. A fiercely desired child, for whom she would stop at nothing!
“I consulted Aimée before my pregnancy, in the hope of helping my IVF to succeed. At 47, after an unsuccessful IVF attempt 2 years earlier, the doctors estimated my chances of success at 30%.”
With the procedure scheduled for September, Isabelle began visiting Aimée in April to prepare the ground, twice a month. “Aimée is very sensitive to interpersonal relations, and allows plenty of time for discussion at each session before deciding how to proceed. I’d explain how I felt, and we’d decide almost together to work on this or that point. She helped me to relieve stress and get my energy flowing before IVF, and then followed up with me immediately afterwards. Today, I’m convinced that our sessions really helped make this pregnancy a success!

Relieving recurrent migraines

Eve had been suffering from chronic, almost daily migraines since the beginning of her second month of pregnancy. A 4-day course of Paracetamol was all her doctor could recommend, and it was totally ineffective. Hence her foray into Aimée’s home… ” I spent whole days without being able to get out of bed, read or look at screens. In addition to suffering, I was bored out of my mind,” confides Eve. At the first session, the discussions were lively, with Aimée suspecting the liver to be the main culprit. So off we go, a needle at the base of each second toe, let it rest and relax, while Aimée does a few acupressure points on the wings of the nose… “…as soon as I got up from the chair, I was ready to go! As soon as I got up from the table, I felt almost normal. I couldn’t believe it! I’d come in a bit of desperation and had begun to resolve to suffer for the sake of pregnancy. Of course, the migraines returned from time to time, but they were less severe and less frequent. By consulting my doctor once a month or so, I was able to start living more or less normally again, until the migraines disappeared completely in the 4th month.”

Turning baby around and preparing for delivery

At 7 and a half months pregnant, Gaëlle was worried about her baby’s “breech” position, when he was supposed to come out head first. I’d never heard of acupuncture before,” she says, “and I was very impressed by that first session: I’ve never felt my baby move as much as during that half-hour session. In any case, the next day at the midwife’s appointment, he was finally upside down! Now well positioned, baby doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to come out… ” I went back to Aimée 3 days before the end of my term to gently start the birth that didn’t seem to want to happen. When I went out, I felt so energetic, and I’ve never walked as much as I did that afternoon. I went into labor very gently the next day, and in the end it was a very quick birth, as I didn’t even have time to have an epidural!” Gaëlle has just one regret: “It’s a shame I only discovered acupuncture for my third pregnancy!”